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Pursuing Private Practice

Jan 27, 2020

Think you need to wait for life to settle down before starting your private practice? Julia Werth didn’t think so. Growing her practice did not take a back seat to planning a wedding for Jennifer’s guest on this episode of the Pursuing Private Practice Podcast. You’ll be delighted to hear Julia’s story of how...

Jan 20, 2020

Jennifer welcomes Heather Caplan, founder of WIND, to the Pursuing Private Practice Podcast.

Providing events focused on continuing education and connection for weight-inclusive dietitians, WIND fills a gap in the industry by bringing dietitians together for community, education and connection where weight-inclusive...

Jan 13, 2020

Jennifer kicks off 2020 by welcoming Intuitive Eating industry leader Evelyn Tribole to the Pursuing Private Practice Podcast.  This first episode of the year is full of Evelyn’s personal insights, reflections and stories on the Intuitive Eating movement, and is not to be missed.

With the much anticipated release in...