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Pursuing Private Practice

Apr 6, 2020

I’m taking some time today to talk about how I’m feeling, how my business is doing, and what I’m doing differently to best serve my clients. I hope this serves as an inspiration to you to think outside the box yourself right now: What can you do to serve your people? What do you need right now to take care of yourself? What do you need to do to be the best possible version of yourself right now without feeling rooted in “shoulds”?

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • The impact of the Coronavirus on the intuitive eating world and the importance of continuing to show up for the people that need to hear your message the most
  • Giving yourself and your clients permission to feel whatever needs to be felt right now 
  • Figuring out a “new normal” for the time being 
  • Cultivating resiliency and being grateful for the lessons we’ve learned through navigating other hard times in life
  • How to move forward in your business and support your people
  • The power of community and connection. Who can you connect with today that will feed your soul?

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